Hi, I’m Levi. I specialize in helping to communicate complex ideas more simply. I try to generalize in everything else. Here's what I'm up to Now.


    Unveiled is a photography studio specializing in boudoir and modern glamour photography. I helped create and simple identity made up of strong typography contrasted against quirky hand-drawn patterns and lettering.

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  • Catherine Tucker

    Catherine Tucker is a play therapist, mental health counselor who recently started offering series of play therapy workshops and consultation services. I worked with her to build a new website where she could manage promotion and information about her workshops and blog as she is working on an upcoming book.

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  • Queen City

    Queen City is a tattoo shop that works hard to make their customer's experience the best it can be. I worked with the founders to create a identity and website that would set them apart from other shops that all seem to follow the same formula.

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  • Bloomington Landmarks

    I started these drawings as a way to do something for me—no client, no creative director, just scratching an itch I had to make something. Having recently relocated to Bloomington, Indiana, I looked to my new hometown for inspiration. I started posting each drawing on Instagram and after a great reception I decided to make prints of some of my favorites.

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Oh, hello

If you have an idea and are interested in working together please, take a look at my work and say hi.