About now pages

Now pages are sort of like a chronological social media feed but with fewer updates. Check out this explainer for a, well, explainer.

  1. November 2022

    Twitter is a dumpster file that I can't bring myself to participate in any longer. I've been using Mastodon regularly for a few weeks now and I'm liking it quite a bit. I've seen lots of other folks writing posts expressing similar feelings.

    I redesigned my personal site this month and launched it last week. I really happy with the updates and I'm currently working on this new Now page feature. I'm feeling very motivated to write on my own site at the moment. I'm hopeful I can keep it up.

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  2. January 2016

    A brief overview of what I'm working on and what's happening in my life. This is my first version of the "Now" page on my site.

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