Designing a Wine Collection

I started a wine collection over the holiday break. This is my first iteration of the racks I’ll use to store my bottles. My cellar is a 2x4’ space on the floor of a storage unit I rent in the basement of my apartment building and none of these bottles cost more than $20.

Wine Collection Prototype

After I fill up this prototype “rack” I’m planing upgrade to a bigger one that’s structurally sound, unlike my current set up. The cool thing about this upgraded wooden box is that when I fill it up I can buy another stack on top and so on. If I keep improving incrementally I may end up with pretty respectable storage solution for my budding collection.

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to get started. I almost waited to save these bottles back until I could find the perfect wine rack, in which time I most certainly would have drank them all and accomplished nothing. Now I have something to build on and make better.