I caught the last 10 minutes of this Fresh Air interview with Robert Siegel tonight on my way to dinner. He’s retiring on January 5 after a 40-plus years at NPR. His voice has been a part of my daily drive home since I got a job with a job with a daytime schedule. Listening to how public radio has evolved during his career and his struggles with staying relevant got me thinking about my own career making things for the web.

I’m 36-years-old. Under current Social Security Administration regulations I’ve got 31 years until I can officially retire. This means I have more years I’m obligated to work than the industry in which I work has been in existence. Has any generation ever been in that situation, and been able to blog about it?

I’m optomistic, but cautious, to see where this industry is headed. There has never been a resource so capable of so much good and evil at the same time. I’m hoping for the former.