The Blogs Are Back!

If you hadn’t notice, Twitter has become a toxic shit pile. It seems to me that a growing number of the folks that I admire and follow there are starting to walk away from the platform. It’s a total bum out and Twitter has totally allowed it to happen. Mike Monteiro’s one of those folks and he really nailed it here:

It’s sad to watch Twitter slowly die like this, but it’s happening and they know it. It’s why they allow the abusive fascists to flourish and a maniac with millions of followers and the ability to destroy the world threaten nuclear war. Whatever drives engagment, I guess.

All that said, there’s at least one good thing to come out of all this. It seems, at least a little bit, that people are starting to take control of their own content. I don’t think it’s a mass exodus by any means, but I’ve noticed a lot of those same folks I follow starting to publish more of their content on their own sites or via newsletters. That’s exciting to me so I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs I read and newsletters I subscribe to. I might try to keep it up to date as I discover new stuff.

1. Austin Kleon #

Austin’s blog is one of the most active and chalked full of great posts. He also has a weekly newsletter that goes out every friday. It’s one of my favorites.

2. Wine Folly #

I spent a lot of time last year learning more about wine and Wine Folly is a great resource. They also publish a weekly email newsletter which is great too.

3. Go Make Things #

I spent quite a bit of time writing JavaScript for a big project this year. I signed up for Chris Ferdinandi’s daily JS tips, and it’s been a really helpful. He does a great job of distiling complicated concepts into short, practical examples.

4. Sidebar #

Sidebar is a great daily list of five articles about design, UX, and web development. It’s basically like a best-of list from Design Twitter delivered to your inbox everyday.

5. CSS Tricks #

I find myself on this site almost daily after a google search for some obscure CSS thing. I always stay and read a couple of articles though. If you do any kind of front end web development or want to learn, this site is an amazing resource.

And a few others #

I know I’m missing some, but these are a few other personal blogs/newsletters/sites I really enjoy.