Twenty-five more years

I Gave my old bass a makeover today—a quick list of what I upgraded.

  • Pickup(s) — Seymore Duncan Quareter Pound
  • Fender Hight Mass bridge
  • New pickguard
  • Chrome knobs
  • Strap buttons

I bought this guitar in 1997 with a few paychecks from my first real job at Taco Bell in high school. I put a lot of miles on this thing in basements/garages/VFWs/coffee shops/bars over the years. It still rips.

Twenty five years ago Musician’s Friend didn’t have a website. It was a printed catalog made of paper with pictures, specs, and prices of gear that came to your house once a month. I gave my Mom the cash and then called a real person on the phone to use her credit card to place my order.

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