Oh hey,
my name is Levi.

I’m a web designer and front-end developer. I'm currently working on Design Systems in higher ed.

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Recent posts

  1. November 2022

    Trying to start a new habit of a monthly check-in post

  2. The web feels exciting again

    The recent Twitter mass exodus has me feeling nostalgic about some of my early experiences on the web

  3. Static site generator fatigue

    Thinking about moving my site to a new platform with an actual CMS

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Work & Projects

  1. Rivet Design System project screenshot
    Rivet Design System

    Creating an enterprise design system for a world-renowned research university

  2. IU gateway project screenshot
    IU gateway

    Redesign of the gateway site for all nine of Indiana University’s campuses

  3. UNVEILED project screenshot

    Custom WordPress backend and website for a boudoir photography studio

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