I like to tinker on lots of projects. Here's a mixed list of day-to-day, freelance, and side projects.

  1. Indiana University's design system for enterprise software development teams

  2. I occasionally make art and illustration pieces. These are a selection of my favorites.

  3. A generic Custom Element wrapper that turns some headings and other content into an accessible accordion

  4. A lightweight vanilla JS theme switcher with support for localStorage and prefers-color-scheme media query

  5. A simple command line tool for generating markdown files with front matter for JAMstack sites

  6. A Web Component wrapper that makes it easier to manage focus trapping

  7. I designed and built this custom WordPress site for the ACA

  8. Another custom WordPress site I designed and built. NOTE: tasteful, but spicy photos ahead 🔥

  9. I designed an abstract composition everyday for a month and posted them to this website